Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Is Letterhead Still Important In The Age of Email?

The answer is YES! Company letterhead is still an integral part of your marketing image! We are a very technology driven society; however, there are still some things that do require us to still stock letterhead. Maybe just not as much as we used to. 

For example, many official notices may initially be communicated through email; however, to make them official, your organization may require them to be on official company letterhead. Important documents still require signatures and notarizations right. Many are going to “digital letterhead” meaning putting their logo and address in a word document, typing their information, and printing it out on copy paper. That may be great in a pinch, but professionally printed letterhead still holds the classy look that many corporations still want to display.

Chances are you don’t need to keep nearly as much on hand as in previous times; however, still keep some. If you are not planning on changing your information or corporate image, order in bulk to last you a while and save money. Just don’t be stuck without it when something critical comes up. 

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Isn’t a Barcode…Well…Just a Barcode? Sadly, Not Even Close.

The very first time someone asked if I knew what a barcode was I simply laughed and said “of course.” Little did I know I was going to get a life lesson schooling me on the ins and outs of the complexities of all the different barcodes. It turned out that there are so many different components that go into a barcode including different types, colors, and densities just to name a few. And they are just like technology…ever changing! However, it was really interesting finding out all the amazing things a “simple” little barcode can do.

Actually, they really are not that scary at all. But you will need some basic knowledge to understand what works best with your business. If you are printing distribution labels and tags, and you are using scanning equipment, you will want to decide which ones work with your software system. You may even want to do a different type of barcode for your marketing efforts.  There are so many out there including 1D, 2D, and now 3D and even 4D barcodes in the works.  Here are some examples of common 1 and 2D barcodes:

1D (One-Dimensional) Barcodes Examples:

UPC Barcodes
Code 39
Code 128

2D (Two-Dimensional) Barcodes:

QR Code

Doing a little research online for the basics is a tremendous help. Or just speaking to a knowledgeable person in the printing industry is probably even better. They will have the expertise to guide you to the correct barcode for your needs, which could be multiple types depending on your business needs. Play with online generators, take a look around, and talk to a few people. Barcodes should be fun and not intimidating .

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

How Important are Scanners to your Business?

If you are in an industry where you use handheld scanners, then you already realize how critical they are to your business. A scanner really is everything. They help transmit all types of data through a system. Whether it is an intricate system of conveyor belts, or something as basic as scanning in a membership card, the data they secure is invaluable. If you are trying to increase business, a scanner could be a great way to increase your efficiency by taking some of the workload from your staff with automation, and giving them different responsibilities; freeing up their time for other critical duties that can further your business growth plan.

Starting down the road of purchasing scanners can seem a bit daunting.  There are so many variables to choose from, it could make the decision a bit overwhelming. Honeywell has a great solutions tool to help you choose which path of scanners could be best for you. But truthfully, although it is a good start, talking to an expert can be the best thing for you to do when in doubt.  If you have a point of sales system, or work with inventory management software, an expert guiding you through the process is a great way to ensure you get exactly what is best for your business.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

What Could Be Going Wrong…Or Right…with My Shipping Process?

So many things go into successful shipping processes for any business.  And we do mean a ton of things. From budgets to supplies and everything in between, there are many little pieces that make up the full puzzle. It is very easy for one of those pieces to change shape and really effect what the puzzle is supposed to look like. It is incredibly important to know and understand every facet of the shipping process in order to effectively evaluate, and trouble shoot, the efficiency of any program.

The shipping and distribution industry is constantly evolving. Understanding your current processes and procedures is imperative, but so is keeping up to date on trends and other variables that could affect your business cycle. For example, one factor that not many distribution centers consider is weather. Not inclement weather in this case, although that can definitely affect things; but in the case I am referring to is the way customers order. The apparel industry sees this the most, and it can really change your forecasting model.  What is normally purchased by customers in May could change to February.  And your shipping center needs to be prepared for that shift. In fact, according to an article by Paul Myerson on Industry Week, this type of predictive analysis is now being taught at the Fashion Institute of Technology as a way to better predict trends in the market. This information can keep your fulfillment centers out of a bind by being able to prepare for the influx of orders; or conversely the opposite.

So where do you start with so much to evaluate? Well, you go back to basics. Were there times where your center excelled?  Were there times when it failed in some way? Compare the two.  That is always a great start. 

  • ·         Did you have a huge amount of unexpected orders? Or the opposite?
  • ·         Plenty of supplies on hand? Or ran out and operations shut down?
  • ·         Did you get new software/equipment and had to work out the bugs?
  • ·         Did you have enough staff?
  • ·         Were your sales projects on point?

Just asking a few simple questions gives you a starting place and you can go from there. Targeting those little pieces can make your distribution center much more efficient and increase profitability.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

What In The World Is An Integrated Label and What do You Do With Them?

Do you ever come across that one product that ANY business can use? That product is an integrated label.  It’s really cool actually.  It is a label and a form on one 8.5 x 11” or 14” cut sheet. They run through a laser printer, and they run through them well.  They have special liners on the back so the forms stay flat so no costly jams.  They are made with 24# mocr paper; which means they are not too thick or not too thin.

So How Do You Use Them?

That really depends on the market you are in.  Distribution, fulfillment and retail stores use them as a shipping label/packing list combination. They also sometimes use them for inventory and carton labeling. Restaurants and Bakeries use them as order forms where they use the label to put on a ticket or the food item to be delivered. Pharmacies have used them for labeling packages and boxes.  Auto Service and Parts centers use them as both a service form AND a sales form for parts.  These are just a few.  Invoicing, notices, memberships…the list really goes on and on.

So Are They Always Blank?

Not always.  That is where the business process comes in.  There are times it saves money for a business to just get their integrated labels blank because they are printing in only black or very little information.  They also may change forms frequently as well, so blank is best. However, some businesses use a standard form that may have a lot of toner coverage and high color.  If that is the case, order a custom integrated form with information preprinted will save time and toner. Just re-run through the printer and print only the information you need.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Yes…Your Business Still Needs Envelopes!

We are definitely in the digital age. We can email, Dropbox, ftp, Facebook; basically use all kinds of methods to send and receive documents and information. Some are even very secure methods. However, there are still forms that legally can’t be sent electronically.  We still have to use the postal service from time to time to send out sensitive information.  Envelopes are a must for this.

check envelopes - double window ENV-02-B
Now, envelopes are not just for sensitive materials.  Because we are in a digital age, many things simply get overlooked because of the sheer volume of information.  Your email account is a great example.  We get flooded with emails, and in our mad dash to empty our account, we sometimes delete things we shouldn’t. Or…we simply ignore a normally great promotion because we don’t stop to take the time to interact with the message.

That is where an envelope comes in handy.  It forces you to open up the thing to see what’s inside.  Although we don’t enjoy getting an invoice or bill, we do like getting checks and promotions. The odd thing about using an envelope is the less that is printed on it, the more intrigued we are about what is inside. And although envelopes of all types including double window envelopes, seem like it could belong in the stone ages in this day and time, it really does still have a great place and even better need.

So many people say “what about the environment?” There are many recycled options available, and you can even reuse them in your home. You wouldn’t believe the really creative ways to use old envelopes. So don’t forget these gems when you are getting your business supplies.  They never run out of style.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Laser Printable Cards Are More Than Just Insurance Cards!

Many people think you can only use laser membership cards for auto insurance cards and medical cards. Of course they are great for those industries. And I think originally that seemed to be the main market, but now they are so diverse you can use them for a ton of things.  And they save so much time and money, why not give them a go!
2 Up Membership Card

One of the best uses of laser cards is for registration for summer activities, gym memberships, and retail promotions. The card portion doesn’t necessarily have to be used for identification of a person.  Many have put coupons, confirmations for sign ups, free items, and much more. They have been becoming increasing popular for targeted mailing to include a promotion to get customers through the door. Another great use is a quick reference guide.  Maybe you have an item that requires a fast set of instructions, or maybe a temporary password or access code.  It is a great peel out card to keep with you.

The great thing about laser printable cards is combining low per piece cost, with simplicity of use, versatility, and durability. They are water and heat resistant.  And because you can purchase either pre-printed or completely blank stock, you have more control of your costs and time efficiencies. 

They are definitely worth a try.