Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Will Switching to Plastic Postcards Give Me a Better ROI?

Everyone gets postcards in the mail.  Some big, some small. Some high color and some just one color. But the common theme is most of them are paper. We may glance at them…some even catch our eye enough to maybe not throw it in the trash immediately. But none of them compare to a Plastic Postcard.
So what makes a plastic postcard so unique?  Well, the first obvious part is they are plastic. When you grab a stack of mail, 99% of it is paper.  So when you feel the texture of a thick, rigid plastic, it gets your attention. In fact, they are normally the thickness of a postcard and that has a whole other set of advantages.

What you put on your postcard is just as important as the material it is made of.  The nice thing about a plastic postcard is you can make them interactive which is engaging and fun. Many businesses opt to have a detachable card or key tag within the postcard.  Not only is it plastic, but you can punch out this card/key tag and use that piece over and over again. The card can function as a business card, a discount coupon, a trial membership, or anything to bring customers in the door.  The key tag could serve as a constant reminder on their car keys about your business information.

Cost is always a concern.  And plastic postcards do cost more, both in postage and production.  But what many businesses have found is spending the extra money had a huge payoff.  The ROI was significantly higher than their paper counterpart and throwing in a tempting offer or interactive card/key tag was definitely worth the extra money.