Friday, July 24, 2015


Integratede shipping labels

About our integrated labels offering.
This is the offering for you if you print your shipping documents and labels in a single pass through your laser printers. Select the integrated labels that works best for you from the six most popular stock integrated label formats.
Six different integrated labels formats to choose from.
Our six integrated label formats are 8.5” x 11” sheets with the following labels integrated into each sheet - For laser, inkjet and digital printers.
  • 1 3.5” x 2” label
  • 1 4” x 2.5” label
  • 1 6” x 4” label
  • 2 labels that are 3.5” 1.5” each
  • 2 labels that are 4” 2.5” each
  • 4 integrated label that are 2” x 1” each
You can see exact labels positions when you download integrated labels templates.
The patented process that guarantees your integrated labels stay flat and do not jam:
  • High Quality White 24lb MOCR Paper
  • Hot Melt Permanent Label Adhesive
  • Full Width Liner
  • Lay Flat – Stay Flat Die Cutting
The integrated labels features above provide you with these benefits:
  • Smoother Feeding
  • Fewer Jams
  • Fewer Misfeeds
  • Less Adhesive Build Up
  • Low Minimums & Volume Discounts
  • Fast 24 Hour Turnaround Time
The integrated label forms described above are in-stock. These are 8.5” x 11” laser compatible sheets with the number of labels you choose, without custom printing.
The largest and the smallest shippers in the world order integrated labels from us.
The integrated labels that we provide go on millions of shipments, every year. Our largest customers require us to provide consistent integrated label solutions to multiple distribution centers across the globe. Our smallest integrated label customers expect us to provide them with a great value. We will work with you online or offline. We have label specialists ready to talk with and meet with you. We are the global leader in integrated label solutions because we work hard to understand your needs and to exceed your integrated label expectations.

Integrated labels - stock, including integrated label products for simultaneous shipping label and invoice printing. In stock and ready-to-ship integrated label form products.

Plastic Postcards - Increase Your Local Market Presence

Plastic postcards are a great local marketing tool. They don't wear down when mailed, and users tend to be more "impressed" when they see a plastic postcard than a standard paper postcard.

Here are some great examples of plastic postcards we've produced.
lawn care plastic postcard

Plastic postcard mailer

automotive plastic postcard mailer

Whether you have your own artwork already, would like to use one of our online templates you can personalize, printingworx would love to work with you!

printingworx's plastic postcard printing is affordable yet the quality can't be beat.
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