Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Yes…Your Business Still Needs Envelopes!

We are definitely in the digital age. We can email, Dropbox, ftp, Facebook; basically use all kinds of methods to send and receive documents and information. Some are even very secure methods. However, there are still forms that legally can’t be sent electronically.  We still have to use the postal service from time to time to send out sensitive information.  Envelopes are a must for this.

check envelopes - double window ENV-02-B
Now, envelopes are not just for sensitive materials.  Because we are in a digital age, many things simply get overlooked because of the sheer volume of information.  Your email account is a great example.  We get flooded with emails, and in our mad dash to empty our account, we sometimes delete things we shouldn’t. Or…we simply ignore a normally great promotion because we don’t stop to take the time to interact with the message.

That is where an envelope comes in handy.  It forces you to open up the thing to see what’s inside.  Although we don’t enjoy getting an invoice or bill, we do like getting checks and promotions. The odd thing about using an envelope is the less that is printed on it, the more intrigued we are about what is inside. And although envelopes of all types including double window envelopes, seem like it could belong in the stone ages in this day and time, it really does still have a great place and even better need.

So many people say “what about the environment?” There are many recycled options available, and you can even reuse them in your home. You wouldn’t believe the really creative ways to use old envelopes. So don’t forget these gems when you are getting your business supplies.  They never run out of style.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Laser Printable Cards Are More Than Just Insurance Cards!

Many people think you can only use laser membership cards for auto insurance cards and medical cards. Of course they are great for those industries. And I think originally that seemed to be the main market, but now they are so diverse you can use them for a ton of things.  And they save so much time and money, why not give them a go!
2 Up Membership Card

One of the best uses of laser cards is for registration for summer activities, gym memberships, and retail promotions. The card portion doesn’t necessarily have to be used for identification of a person.  Many have put coupons, confirmations for sign ups, free items, and much more. They have been becoming increasing popular for targeted mailing to include a promotion to get customers through the door. Another great use is a quick reference guide.  Maybe you have an item that requires a fast set of instructions, or maybe a temporary password or access code.  It is a great peel out card to keep with you.

The great thing about laser printable cards is combining low per piece cost, with simplicity of use, versatility, and durability. They are water and heat resistant.  And because you can purchase either pre-printed or completely blank stock, you have more control of your costs and time efficiencies. 

They are definitely worth a try.