Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Plastic Gift Cards Could Be The Missing Piece to your Puzzle

Are sales exactly where you want them to be? Do you feel like you are doing everything you need to do in the marketing arena, but nothing is bringing in the results you want?  Well, a plastic gift card program may be exactly what your business needs to rejuvenate customers and sales.

Gift Card for RestaurantsWhat exactly do gift cards do that miraculously seems to help sales? If you think about when you get a gift card, most often than not, it seems to be a ticket to over shop.  The mentality is “I can afford to buy those $200 pair of shoes because I have a gift card for $100.” It seems silly, but many feel that way. But on the flip side, you also have the opposite where customers will purchase $28.00 worth of merchandise on a $30.00 gift card and never use the remaining $2.00 for a variety of reasons; most often it is just forgotten.  What does that mean for your business…MONEY! It doesn’t really matter if customers spend more or less than what is on their gift card; your company still wins!

There is also two big perks, as well, to offering gift cards to your customers. First, getting NEW customers! When you purchase a gift card for someone, they may, or may not, be a current customer. If they weren’t, then you now have the opportunity to keep them coming back.  And second, most people want to either give or receive a gift card because it is incredibly easy. According to the National Retail Federation, November 2015, 75% of consumers surveyed planned on purchasing at least one gift card. And out of that 75%, 82% will purchase more than one.  It’s that “more than one” alone that should peak your interest.

From restaurants to spas, everyone is taking advantage of what gift cards can do to help grow their business. There are very few industries that can’t find some benefit to offering plastic gift cards to their customers.