Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Is Letterhead Still Important In The Age of Email?

The answer is YES! Company letterhead is still an integral part of your marketing image! We are a very technology driven society; however, there are still some things that do require us to still stock letterhead. Maybe just not as much as we used to. 

For example, many official notices may initially be communicated through email; however, to make them official, your organization may require them to be on official company letterhead. Important documents still require signatures and notarizations right. Many are going to “digital letterhead” meaning putting their logo and address in a word document, typing their information, and printing it out on copy paper. That may be great in a pinch, but professionally printed letterhead still holds the classy look that many corporations still want to display.

Chances are you don’t need to keep nearly as much on hand as in previous times; however, still keep some. If you are not planning on changing your information or corporate image, order in bulk to last you a while and save money. Just don’t be stuck without it when something critical comes up. 

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